Gantt Chart’s Benefits and Usage for Project Management

What is a Gantt Chart in Project Management? It is critical to understand the origin of the Gantt Chart before start talking about Gantt Charts for Project Management. The Gantt chart originated with Henry Gant, years after Karol Adamiecki had published a project management chart in 1896. Karol Adamiecki’s first project management chart was called Harmonogram but got small […]

Project Managers: Should They Take Care of Profitability?

At COR we have dedicated many words describing the vital importance of project managers, their key role for more efficient projects, and better quality deliverables. As well as talking about the importance of profitability and adjusting margins on the basis of a better understanding of the value of each billable hour. The importance of these two aspects of a business are […]

Employee Retention: Strategies to Retain the Most Valuable Assets in your Agency

One of the most common mistakes for employers is overlooking the importance of providing a competitive salary to their employees. This is because they see it as an expense when, supposedly, it is an investment. For example, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment offers you some significant reasons why paying your employees a competitive salary is substantial. […]