Top 5 Technologies to Use Nowadays

Rapid scientific advances, as well as life-changing events like Covid-19, have led to the emergence of exciting new technologies. In this post, we’ll explore the most popular trends you cannot afford to miss – we’re living in exciting tech times. Top 5 trending technologies to master Here are COR’s top advanced technologies making noise in 2021, we’ll explore […]

How to Structure Costs and Prices to Achieve Profitability?

Nowadays, businesses have multiple hard and soft objectives they need to accomplish in order to become a better company. For them to become top operations, they require a happy and satisfied talent pool, they need to be involved in local and international trends, and they need to keep long term growth objectives and goals in […]

Gantt Chart’s Benefits and Usage for Project Management

What is a Gantt Chart in Project Management? It is critical to understand the origin of the Gantt Chart before start talking about Gantt Charts for Project Management. The Gantt chart originated with Henry Gant, years after Karol Adamiecki had published a project management chart in 1896. Karol Adamiecki’s first project management chart was called Harmonogram but got small […]

How to Manage your Employee’s Time Without Losing Money in Consulting Firms

Your employees’ time is your most costly resource, but how well does your consulting firm manage hours? And just how important is effective time management in driving profits? In this post, we’ll explore why time is essential for profitability in the consulting industry, and how you can implement easy time management initiatives in your business. Best ways to manage employees’ […]

Reporting & Business Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising Agencies

“Data is the new oil” is a phrase that can be heard across every corner of the market, it has been said to the point of absurdity. But it still rings true, data is a valuable asset for any business and company, and acquiring data has never been simpler. With a plurality of tools and […]

Project Managers: Should They Take Care of Profitability?

At COR we have dedicated many words describing the vital importance of project managers, their key role for more efficient projects, and better quality deliverables. As well as talking about the importance of profitability and adjusting margins on the basis of a better understanding of the value of each billable hour. The importance of these two aspects of a business are […]

Why Should you Move to Google Sheets

Spreadsheets are a go-to tool for countless teams and companies. You might even be using one right now. But is it the best tool for storing, managing, and visualizing your business’s data? In this article, we will share some of the most useful features in the industry which will dramatically improve your productivity. We will […]

How to use invoices in COR with Quickbooks

Quickbooks is one of the most popular accounting software for small businesses in 2022. Whether you want to move away from manual bookkeeping or your spreadsheets have grown into a multiheaded hydra or you need a better option compared to your current software, QuickBooks can be a good choice without burning a hole in the […]

How can CRM HubSpot and COR integration bring success to your agency?

In this article, we’ll be focusing on and analyzing Hubspot as a CRM software and later we’ll discuss how merging it with COR can turn out to be the secret ingredient for the success of your business.    What is CRM?    CRM stands for customer relations management. As the name suggests, CRM software is […]

Employee Retention: Strategies to Retain the Most Valuable Assets in your Agency

One of the most common mistakes for employers is overlooking the importance of providing a competitive salary to their employees. This is because they see it as an expense when, supposedly, it is an investment. For example, Silicon Valley Associates Recruitment offers you some significant reasons why paying your employees a competitive salary is substantial. […]